Like a wrecking ball, a bold new East Bay restaurant shatters expectations.
— San Francisco Chronicle Restaurant Review, Soleil Ho, july 2019


We are a modern neighborhood restaurant. While we could easily bring on familiar dishes and flavors often associated with neighborhood restaurants, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the diverse culinary offerings our Bay Area has to provide. We offer an eclectic mix of rustic made-from-scratch dishes, always nuanced and inspired by what’s available seasonally.  Our food will be approachable, eschewing complicated names, and bohemian in spirit as we are nonconforming and unconventional—sophisticated only in the way we are able to weave different ethnic influences and ingredients together.

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We feature craft cocktails, wine, and beer. Our cocktails are named after hat terms to pay homage to the former Top Hatters hat shop. The original shop was owned by Ted and Marie Lee who made and sold hats together for 65 years, first in Oakland and then later in San Leandro. As a hat manufacturing shop, it was a curiosity of sorts to locals, but was eminent and beloved by hat connoisseurs in the Bay Area. With its prominence in the community, it was only natural for us to choose to keep the name, the original structure, and the sign as a nod to the history of the neighborhood.



Our menu is thoughtfully crafted to encourage sharing, emphasizing on creating a sense of being at the family table— where the joy of dining not only comes from relishing the food placed before you, but reveling in the company and conversation in front of you. Our beautifully-designed space reflects our exciting menu. While the menu and space invokes a high quality dining experience, our friendly, warm service will create an approachable casual atmosphere that will have guests first considering us as a special treat, but returning to us as a frequent affair.