We’re bringing new meaning to “the neighborhood restaurant”

We are a husband and wife team, residing within walking distance to Top Hatters Kitchen. DanVy Vu, chef/owner, runs the daily operations and Matthew Beavers, co-owner, works in and on the restaurant whenever possible. DanVy Vu was the former owner of the Go Streatery food truck and co-owner of Girl Friday Zeppole.

Top Hatters was once a hat shop owned by Ted and Marie Lee who made and sold hats together for 65 years, first in Oakland and then later in San Leandro. As a hat manufacturing shop, it was a curiosity of sorts to locals, but was eminent and beloved by hat connoisseurs in the Bay Area. With its prominence in the community, it was only natural for us to choose to keep the name, the original structure, and the sign as a nod to the history of the neighborhood

Top Hatters Kitchen and Bar is located at 855 Macarthur Blvd, San Leandro at the corner of Diehl St. Top Hatters Kitchen sits unassumingly in San Leandro, on the border of Oakland. According to Nerd Wallet, both cities are ranked in the top ten most diverse cities in America. We believe a neighborhood restaurant should reflect… the neighborhood. We refuse to pigeonhole ourselves into one ethnic concept, but rather serve an eclectic mix of rustic made-from-scratch dishes, celebrating the wonderful textures that make up our neighborhoods.  

While we could easily bring on familiar dishes and flavors often associated with neighborhood restaurants, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the prolific and diverse culinary offerings that the rest of the Bay Area has to provide. Our food is approachable, eschewing complicated names, and bohemian in spirit as we are nonconforming and unconventional—sophisticated only in the way we are able to weave different ethnic influences and ingredients together.